1. Don't be a dick. Anything childish or inappropriate submitted through the form will be deleted and not published.
  2. Humans only! Sorry but if you are a robot trying to sell pills or otherwise, your submission won't be accepted.
  3. Your website should follow the requirements further down the page.
  4. You need to be able to add HTML code to your website.
  5. You must place the code on the same URL you want included in the webring. I.e. if you put your code on your "links.html" that is where the user will be sent to from your ring neighbour.
  6. Please use latin, alphanumeric characters in your site name. We cannot guarantee we'll be able to display your name if it uses non-latin characters. (That's a limitation on our listing management script and web hosting server, not us. Sorry.)
  7. This webring is intended to be open and inclusive to a diverse range of people. We reserve the right to not add your website if we feel it contains anything offensive, hurtful, illegal, or otherwise not in line with the spirit of this ring.

* We welcome anyone of any nationality, religious belief, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Something to keep in mind if you're thinking about joining. :)

Website Requirements

Additionally, all websites submitted to the ring should meet these minimum requirements:

  1. Your website must primarily be a personal website, not a business one. However, if it's primarily a portfolio and you also sell things (e.g. art prints), that would be acceptable.
  2. Your website must be “reasonably accessible”. You don't need to meet any official standards, but I would like to see you've at least made an effort to use good contrast, decent font sizes, etc. Websites with yellow backgrounds and 10px font won't be accepted.
  3. Your website must have your bio and/or an ‘About Me’ page - or something similar. And this bio:
    1. Must contain at least a short description of you. (E.g. “I'm Emily from Toronto and I make crochet bears.”, “John, web developer, Sydney.” are acceptable.)
    2. Can be your real self, or a fictional persona.
    3. If not your real identity, you must be a believable persona. I.e. you can't sign off as “Anonymous”.
  4. Your website must have one or more of the following:
    1. Blog.
    2. Portfolio/gallery. (Of your own creations.)**
    3. An information page about your hobby or interest.
    4. A page/section of links to other projects/websites you work on.
  5. Finally, this webring does not accept:
    1. Websites focused around gambling.
    2. Anything adult or NSFW visible from the home page and not clearly marked.

** So we wouldn't accept your site if your content was hoard of graphics "found" on the internet. But if you make crochet animals based on patterns found on the internet, that would be acceptanle.

If you agree to the above and are interested in joining the webring, then feel free to submit an application. :)